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What is cubixD?

Cubixd is a WordPress hosting system built with the most efficient techniques for managing and supporting WordPress sites. With years of experience in hosting, the creators of Cubixd wanted to create a system that makes it simple for our clients to get started, build and launch their WordPress sites.

We take site load time seriously and aim to deliver the best page load time your site can get using caching techniques and optimal server configurations depending on your type of site.


We guarantee 99.9% Uptime on any site hosted on Cubixd. Our main goal is that your site remains always up no matter what traffic level you are experiencing.


Our architecture is protected by various levels of firewalls including Web Application Firewall and DDOS protection. We also have continuous monitoring for malware on any site on our servers, if any is detected this is automatically taken care of.

We have 24/7 support, no matter what time it is you can use our live chat system or give us a call.
Application level HA

Our architecture offers both software and hardware based  redundancy that protects both the server and the storage systems hosting your website. 


Built on Digital Ocean, one of the leading cloud service provider. CubixD utilises Digital Ocean's amazing compute power, database storage and content delivery that are engineered to provide the fastest and most secure WordPress websites.

Flexibility and Scalability

Architecture that is built on the best cloud service provider benefits from all their features. This makes our WordPress hosting scalable up to your requirements automatically on demand.

Rest assured over your site speed
Highly optimised PHP-FPM

At Cubixd we have optimised the PHP-FPM configuration in order to increase your website loading times. Our PHP-FPM configuration creates a more efficient PHP handling and bytecode caching for your PHP code.

Free CDN​​

At Cubixd we offer free CDN  service because we beleive that our customers deserve the best possible setup for their sites. A content delivery network service securely delivers your site data from the closest possible location to your client with very low latency and high transfer speeds.

HTTP/2 Supported

Cubixd servers are all configured and enabled with HTTP/2. This allows for better connection speeds between the web server and the client. HTTP/2 uses only one connection to the server per domain, which allows for multiple concurrent requests to be sent therefore making your site load faster.

Advanced Cache Setup

Cubixd offers server level caching which is optimised depending on the needs of your site. Caching is a very important technique when it comes to handling spikes in traffic and also makes the delivery of the website content super fast and instant.


SSD Drives

Cubixd makes use of SSD storage drives to benefit from the fantastic IOPS (Input Outputs per Second) rates that these have to offer. SSDs deliver much faster read and write times (10x) than the traditional magnetic hard drives.

Redis Support​

At Cubixd we also offer additional services and add ons for your site. Redis is a type of database query caching service which is very ideal for highly dynamic sites with a number of database queries happening on each page. The frequently used database queries will be cached using the redis in memory data structure so that these don’t have to run each time a page is loaded allowing your site to load much faster than usual.



All websites on Cubixd are protected by a web application firewall that blocks all attacks and malicious behaviour. Continuous monitoring for malware of all sites, tight security restrictions, and frequent OS and firmware upgrades on all servers ensures a secure cloud hosting that avoids vulnerabilities and hacks.

Secure COnnections

Free Let’s Encrypt's trusted SSL certificates are offered by Cubixd to ensure a fully encrypted connection between visitor and the server. Also, all connections to the WordPress files are secure using SSH and SFTP connections only. We do not support FTP connections.

Extra Security Features

On our dashboard you can easily enable IP whitelisting for the wp-admin of your site as well as SSH and SFTP. We also automatically block multiple login failures for the wp-admin, SSH and SFTP.

mind at rest ON our 24/7 sUPPORt
Round the clock Support

Cubixd offers 24/7 support using your preferred platform of choice being chat, email or phone calls. Our professional fast and dedicated WordPress engineers will provide you with all kinds of support required. There is no first or second line support here at Cubixd, everyone is a server expert and WordPress engineer.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team at Cubixd are proactive in supporting your websites. All websites are connected to our monitoring system that continuously checks the status of the websites. Alerts are generated if downtime is experienced and our team will inform you and start investigating the issues.

Managed Migrations

There is no need to worry when it comes to migrating over to Cubixd. Our dedicated support team offers free of charge and hassle free migrations. Cubixd offers free migrations from all hosting providers, trust us with your details and we will collect all relevant files and data required to migrate the site.

Troubleshooting methods

Knowledge sharing and teamwork is key at Cubixd, which has created an internal knowledge hub that is always growing, with the intention to have an easy and efficient way of troubleshooting and communication. 

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