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Welcome to Cubixd
Who are cubixd?

Cubixd are a group of engineers that have been hosting WordPress sites since the early days of WordPress, It all started with creating an in-house infrastructure, fully-automated and scalable to host our large network of WordPress sites that we have built over the years for us and our clients, This grew bigger and bigger and the scalability and demand of WordPress gave us the opportunity to develop our internal in-house tool into a fully-managed hosting service for clients across the globe.

The WordPress community online has grown exponentially  and now powers 30% of the web and 60% of CMS(content management systems) online and as it looks, the demand for WordPress is only getting bigger. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to keeping WordPress sites, the constant amount of updates done to the core engine, WordPress themes and plugins makes it challenging to keep up with the everyday work required especially for beginners owning a WordPress website.


After working with WordPress and also with most of the major hosting providers online we have experienced first hand struggles of what it is like for beginners and even advanced users when it comes to starting or hosting their business/website online.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced WordPress user, these are all struggles that we face when owning such sites.

  • Should I update my theme? Will these plugin updates break my site?
  • How did my site get hacked? How can I fix it now?
  • Do¬† have a backup of my site? Can I restore my site from this backup?
  • How can I make my website faster, why do I have such a slow load time?
  • Am I running the safest core version of WordPress? How can I get the most out of WordPress?

So our primary mission is to be the tool that makes it effortless for beginners to fire up their WordPress sites whilst also easy and efficient for the more advanced users. We want to keep you away from all the struggles that come with managing a WordPress site and let you focus on your business. Leave the worrying up to us!

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