Cubixd offers fully managed affordable WordPress hosting with

24/7 support for anything you may need.

Leave the worrying and technical issues up to us and focus on your site!​


Why choose cubixd?
Professional Support

24/7 Fast and reliable support offered by wordpress developers and server engineers. Chat, email and phone support offered on ALL plans.

Daily Backups

Daily and On-Request backups available on all plans for extra peace of mind. With the possibility of restoring your site from backup at any time by one click of a button.

Lightning fast

Our industry standard architecture using the latest technologies, which are optimised for the best WordPress Performance, enables us to host your sites at lightning speed.

our Industry Standard architecture

security and monitoring

Your site is monitored 24/7 and we are alerted if any downtime occurs. Our servers are protected against a vast range of attacks from botnets all the way to Brute Force attacks. All sites are continuously monitored for malware, if any is detected, and this is automatically cleaned for you. Your site's uptime is our top priority.

Architecture Optimized for The WordPress Best Performance

Built on best in class hardware and software configuration specifically optimized for all WordPress sites. Our server side caching and web server configurations will make your site fly.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our architecture which is built on DigitalOcean benefits from all their features meaning that if your site experiences a spike in traffic or unpredicted load, our architecture will scale accordingly to avoid any downtimes.

Solutions fit for everyone


Whether it’s your own site or for your clients, Cubixd can handle it.


Our easy to use and reliable architecture makes Cubixd the ideal hosting for your business.

High Traffic

Cubixd’s scalable architecture can handle any spikes in traffic or unpredicted load.


Custom architecture according to your needs. Contact our support and we will make sure to meet your requirements.

Completely free for your first month

Fully managed hosting

what is WordPress managed hosting?

Fully managed WordPress means that your sites will benefit from high performance stable servers that are specifically tailored for WordPress and are constantly updated to secure your sites against WordPress vulnerabilities.

With this fully managed and affordable WordPress hosting, you will be trusting your sites with professional people which are there for you 24/7 for anything that you should require.

Our Hosting Benefits

One CLICK staging
dollar sign
AfFORdable prices!
Free migrations to
Fully managed and expert support
Highly optimized database queries
Free sSL Certificates


No matter what plan you choose

No matter what plan you choose, professional support and 24/7 monitoring of your sites is included. The underlying infrastructure remains the same throughout all of our plans, and all sites on Cubixd will benefit from the advanced, high speed and secure architecture that we have to offer. 

Custom plans depending on your needs can also be created, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email for more information.

Basic Plan 1
Per Month
1 Website
10,000 Visitors per month
Free SSL
Daily Backups
Business Plan 1
Per Month
5 Websites
60,000 Visitors per month
Free SSL
Daily Backups



Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the important answers from here

Cubixd is a fully managed high-availability platform which continuously monitors and ensures that your WordPress site is up and running, and immediately alerts both the client and our team if the site is experiencing any issues. The system also automatically scales according to the needs of your website. 

As a fully managed service, Cubixd guarantees assistance with any queries or problems that you encounter with your site or our platform. 

The number of live and staging sites depends on the package you choose. Every live site can have at least one staging site.

At Cubixd we support any version higher than 7.0. This is done to ensure that you are using the latest and most secure versions of PHP. If you need assistance in migrating a PHP 5+ site to 7+ our support is happy to help you do this. 

PHP’s most common modules are enabled by default, however you can reach out to our support if you have any issues that might be related to a missing package. 

Depending on your plan, you are entitled to a number of free migrations performed by our team. However you can do as many migrations as you like yourself, by using our platform. 

There will be no downtime when a site is migrated to Cubixd, Once the migration is completed, your website will be hosted under a new Cubixd subdomain (e,g and notify you that the migration has been done. Once the migrated site is checked under this subdomain and confirmed that all is well, you can initiate a change of domain ( to your domain) from our dashboard. This process will require you to point your A record to the provided IP, unless you are using Cubixd DNS in which case this will all be done automatically after your confirmation.